Monday, 20 May 2013

'My friend told me to my face that i'm short'- Miss KD

Okoye Queen known under the stage name Kwindiva is a singer, song writer, dancer, and also a 300l mass communication student of Nnamdi Azikiwe university Awka, Anambra state. She's the first artist to try out Crystals whacky interview. Read her replies below...
  • What do you do when you are bored?
KD- It's just i and my phone; when my phone battery is low, i sleep.
  • During lectures, do you sleep in class?
KD- Yes o! I even slept today.
  • Which snack can you chaow on the way?
KD- Coca-cola and egg roll.
  • Are you a fan of PDA(public display of affection)?
KD- Yes, but am yet to try it one day.
  • What is the greatest yab you've ever received from someone?
KD- My friend yabbed me o, she was like 'hei, this girl is short'
  • Your bad habit?
KD- I chew/bite my inner cheeks a lot and I'm a chatter box...phew
 Cheesom- Me, i don't have anything to say oo...this was the most i could get. Expect more wacky interviews of your various favorite stars soon...
   ...tinini eeeee*whistling*



Kwindiva keep on wit ur sweet voice. One day its goin to be rainin tinini...tnx 4 d disclosure...i laughed all tru

paski said...

No worries least ur friend told u the truth so u have to be happy

Anonymous said...

I don't know u personally tho,buh I've heard a lot abt u,,,ur song is a bomb on its own,,,I luv d fact dat u were cencere,,nice one girl,,I'm ur fan of life!!GO KWINDIVA

pearl said...

My dauta lol I luv u d way u re,ur simply unique n special...Remain blessed...