Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Hello readers, Crystal is scouting for models. Models between the age of 18-25 years of age, pretty, handsome, based around awka, agile and ready to work, comfortable on heels and size 8-12 & 5,6,8 ft. Contact us on 08188644669, 07065310310 or ping us on 20002509 0r 27b7fa55, crystalmagazine2012@yahoo.com. Tell your friends to tell their friends.


FOCUS; Beverly Naya and Oge Okoye
Orange and white are two creamy colors which when worn, makes one look ravishing, sweet and in control. Beverly, is seen on a round neck orange blouse with a cute plain and simple white high-waist skirt matched with a peep toe heels and a clutch bag; while Oge goes for a cute flowery light blue and orange top with a white fitted capri pants matched with a dark blue pumps and a brown clutch bag. Oge Okoye seem to have a 100% fashion at its best as regards to her attire...'thumbs up tho'

Jason Collins ex-girlfriend of 8 years had no idea he was gay; speaks.

Culled from Linda Ikeji's blog

How can you date a guy for eight years and not know that he's into men? Well, it's very possible. That's exactly what happened to Carolyn Moos, Jason Collins' ex-fiance. Jason made history yesterday by becoming the first active NBA player to come out as gay. Before then he was living as a straight man. He dated Carolyn, a '6''6' female basketball star for eight years and even proposed to her. In 2009, a few months to their wedding, Jason called it off and ended things with her. Carolyn told TMZ today that she never once suspected that Jason was gay while they were dating and only found out this past weekend when he revealed everything to her before coming out to the world and also told her his homosexuality was the real reason he ended things with her in 2009. Carolyn told TMZ:
"It's very emotional for me as a woman to have invested 8 years in my dream to have a husband, soul mate, and best friend in him. So this is all hard to understand."
"I care about Jason tremendously and only want the best for him. I want Jason to be happy for a lifetime and stay true to who he really is, inside and out."
Used her for eight years to live his lie. Not fair! Oh well...

Hilarious Video...lol

Monday, 29 April 2013

Okpoko Junction dilemma

Just as i was about to flag down a bike, i noticed some passerbys and school children were queuing up to cross a very deep gutter at Okpoko junction, Onitsha-Enugu expressway. The wooden plank serving as a bridge was broken and shaky. A pregnant woman took the risk of crossing this bridge and somersaulted, falling flat on her stomach. I just hope she didn't lost her pregnancy.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Oge Okoye covers fashion magazine, Editarnish

classy...yea but the 2nd pix tho...

Hair goddess

I couldn't help but notice one thing peculiar about Tonto Dike...
her finger looking hairdo. Yes! every celebrity has a professional hair and make up artist but Tonto's artist really overdid herself.

Most people may hold different opinions about her but the fact remains the same, she is a star, a diva especially when it comes to deciding on a hairstyle suitable for any event she's to attend. It was no surprise when she was made the face of Ladystar and Chocolate human hair. Go gurl...


Viewing this picture of Rappy, Beverly Naya, Tiwa Savage and Esther...
 you might wonder whats trending in their appearance, c'mmon its the 'Bold statement necklace'. These are necklaces that can be worn with any kind of outfit for any kind of event or occasion whether it's a red carpet event, traditional marriage, work or even parties.

Go get yours, look glamorous and gorgeous and try not to over complement the necklace by putting on large earrings. Go for studs or ball earrings.


Having one of those days when my hands are itchy to try something new, probably bake or roast, fry or cook something. luckily for me, i remembered the recipe on how to make meat balls tho its already been made, i'd love to share it with you guys...
First, you'll need:
250g meat, curry, bread crumbs, 2eggs, milk, 1onions, maggi, salt and pepper to taste.
Wash your meat and boil together with the spices; curry, onions, pepper, salt and maggi. Pound the meat in a mortar, if you don't have one, you use your grater to mince it. Mix one egg in a plate with half of the bread crumbs, milk and salt before you add the meat and mix all thoroughly. Using a tablespoon, roll the meat into desired shape and quantity. Dip into egg and coat with bread crumbs. Fry deep in hot oil. Your meat balls is ready. Meat balls are easy to make and can be eaten with sauce, tomato stew or ketchup; at times most caterers use these meat balls as small chops. Note that the frying doesn't take time so, watch it and stand guard to prevent it from burning.
Will give you more simple recipes you can try but, i seriously wish you guys were here to perceive this delicious smell....hahaha...

Thursday, 18 April 2013


Eva's signature as we all know is her gorgeous and colorful hairdo. Using different colors like orange, white, mauve, blue...we really don't know what her next color selection would be. Looking at these two different pictures of Eva, you would notice that she has the 'smoky eyes' make up in the 1st picture and the 'pin-up girl' make up in the 2nd picture. To get Eva's sassy, and gorgeous look, follow these basic steps below;
  • Make sure your face is clean by using wipes preferably baby wipes.
  • Apply a primer (a primer is what makes your face bright).
  • Apply your concealer on spots you wish to conceal.
  • Apply your foundation with a brush...'a brush' not with your hand in order to get a smooth finish.
  • Apply highlighter to the part of your face you would want to highlight i.e, your brow bone, cheek bones, jaw and your forehead.
  • Using your eye pencil, fill in your eyebrows to get Eva's classic eyebrows.
  • Line your upper and lower eyelids with black eyeliner.
  • Using a gold eyeshadow, cover the whole of your eyelid;use your fingers to rub it in so it in so it won't be rough.
  • Apply black eyeshadow from the entire lower part of your eyelid in an upward pattern.
  • Use mascara to adjust your eyelashes.
  • Using a red lip liner, line your lips then apply frostal lip gloss on the inside.
For Eva's pin-up girl look;
  • Use egg shell color eyeshadow to cover the entire eyelid area.
  • Apply electric green eyeshadow on the lower part, up to where your eyelid crease.
  • Apply peach or beige eyeshadow to the middle of the lower portion of your eye i.e, on top of the electric green. Also apply this to the crease.
  • For your lips, use a red lip liner to line your lips before applying your red lipstick. 
  • Apply sub-light lip gloss on top of the lip stick to make it glow.
That's your Eva's gorgeous and sassy red carpet or yellow carpet make up secrets.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

This babe(names withheld), a 100l student of Afebabalola university Ado-ekiti state nude picture turns up on twitter after sex chatting with her boyfriend.


Well, prior to airing of the famous actress, Omotola Jalade Ekehinde's reality show, 'The real me', Jim Iyke sets to launch his reality show exclusively covering his personal life on the 17th of april, 2013. Lets tune to Africa Magic channel 151 on thursdays at 5:30pm, 8:00pm, fridays at 1:30pm, and sundays at 8:00pm to see how this goes down.


The beautiful and long time girlfriend of Paul Okoye of P-square welcomed a baby boy, Andre on the 10th of April, 2013 in Atlanta, USA. Paul has also hinted that he plans to marry his girlfriend and mother of his son soon.

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Bring back that spark in your relationship.leave your comfort zone,try something crazy,fun,romantic,challenging,intriguing with your wife,girlfriend,boyfriend, soul mate,fiance,fiancee.


Though friday may be a working day, its also part and the beginning of the weekend.
EVENING- drop by the restaurant. Try out a place you don't frequent. Probably a local joint or a fast food village kitchen. Order a very nice decent meal like amala & ewedu, fufu & ofe onugbo or tuwo shinkafa.
NIGHT- ladies,you could put on something simple and sexy like a shorts with a polo or a short flair gown and take a nice stroll with your guy. Tease him,make other guys jealous. Don't ever leave his hands while you're at it.


MORNING- After you've both had breakfast, surprise your man by volunteering to accompany him to the gym. If he is not the working out type, challenge him to his favorite sport. Not a serious challenge though. You may not be very good at the game,but at least he'll let you win and you'll both end up laughing on top of each other.
AFTERNOON- you guys could go shopping together. This time it shouldn't be about who's buying and who's paying. You both are going to get things you've wanted so much and he'll pay for yours,while you pay for his. No matter the cost. EVENING- guys, bring up the idea of seeing a cool super romantic movie with her. It could be in the cinema or at home. A little cuddling would do.


This is the most interesting day of the weekend. It's all about the relaxation of your mind and body.
MID MORNING/AFTERNOON- The beach and the pool are the two suitable places i would suggest you visit with your lady. This time,you could invite some friends, have a picnic together. Its going to be more lively this way. Bet you going to have loads of fun together. EVENING- Go out of your way to prepare a candlelight dinner for your man. Use colorful,scented candles to create that feng shui feeling. Prepare something nice, probably his favorite meal. After your meal, you can continue the romantic moment cuddling in the sofa while watching TV. Have a fun filled weekend.