Thursday, 11 April 2013


Bring back that spark in your relationship.leave your comfort zone,try something crazy,fun,romantic,challenging,intriguing with your wife,girlfriend,boyfriend, soul mate,fiance,fiancee.


Though friday may be a working day, its also part and the beginning of the weekend.
EVENING- drop by the restaurant. Try out a place you don't frequent. Probably a local joint or a fast food village kitchen. Order a very nice decent meal like amala & ewedu, fufu & ofe onugbo or tuwo shinkafa.
NIGHT- ladies,you could put on something simple and sexy like a shorts with a polo or a short flair gown and take a nice stroll with your guy. Tease him,make other guys jealous. Don't ever leave his hands while you're at it.


MORNING- After you've both had breakfast, surprise your man by volunteering to accompany him to the gym. If he is not the working out type, challenge him to his favorite sport. Not a serious challenge though. You may not be very good at the game,but at least he'll let you win and you'll both end up laughing on top of each other.
AFTERNOON- you guys could go shopping together. This time it shouldn't be about who's buying and who's paying. You both are going to get things you've wanted so much and he'll pay for yours,while you pay for his. No matter the cost. EVENING- guys, bring up the idea of seeing a cool super romantic movie with her. It could be in the cinema or at home. A little cuddling would do.


This is the most interesting day of the weekend. It's all about the relaxation of your mind and body.
MID MORNING/AFTERNOON- The beach and the pool are the two suitable places i would suggest you visit with your lady. This time,you could invite some friends, have a picnic together. Its going to be more lively this way. Bet you going to have loads of fun together. EVENING- Go out of your way to prepare a candlelight dinner for your man. Use colorful,scented candles to create that feng shui feeling. Prepare something nice, probably his favorite meal. After your meal, you can continue the romantic moment cuddling in the sofa while watching TV. Have a fun filled weekend.


amynze said...

lovely tips.will definitely be using these this weekend!

Tee said...

Splendid nice tip

Cheesom Nzenaguora said...

make sure you try em one of these weekends o...

Agu Mc-Charles said...

Nice tips