Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Having one of those days when my hands are itchy to try something new, probably bake or roast, fry or cook something. luckily for me, i remembered the recipe on how to make meat balls tho its already been made, i'd love to share it with you guys...
First, you'll need:
250g meat, curry, bread crumbs, 2eggs, milk, 1onions, maggi, salt and pepper to taste.
Wash your meat and boil together with the spices; curry, onions, pepper, salt and maggi. Pound the meat in a mortar, if you don't have one, you use your grater to mince it. Mix one egg in a plate with half of the bread crumbs, milk and salt before you add the meat and mix all thoroughly. Using a tablespoon, roll the meat into desired shape and quantity. Dip into egg and coat with bread crumbs. Fry deep in hot oil. Your meat balls is ready. Meat balls are easy to make and can be eaten with sauce, tomato stew or ketchup; at times most caterers use these meat balls as small chops. Note that the frying doesn't take time so, watch it and stand guard to prevent it from burning.
Will give you more simple recipes you can try but, i seriously wish you guys were here to perceive this delicious smell....hahaha...

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