Thursday, 18 April 2013


Eva's signature as we all know is her gorgeous and colorful hairdo. Using different colors like orange, white, mauve, blue...we really don't know what her next color selection would be. Looking at these two different pictures of Eva, you would notice that she has the 'smoky eyes' make up in the 1st picture and the 'pin-up girl' make up in the 2nd picture. To get Eva's sassy, and gorgeous look, follow these basic steps below;
  • Make sure your face is clean by using wipes preferably baby wipes.
  • Apply a primer (a primer is what makes your face bright).
  • Apply your concealer on spots you wish to conceal.
  • Apply your foundation with a brush...'a brush' not with your hand in order to get a smooth finish.
  • Apply highlighter to the part of your face you would want to highlight i.e, your brow bone, cheek bones, jaw and your forehead.
  • Using your eye pencil, fill in your eyebrows to get Eva's classic eyebrows.
  • Line your upper and lower eyelids with black eyeliner.
  • Using a gold eyeshadow, cover the whole of your eyelid;use your fingers to rub it in so it in so it won't be rough.
  • Apply black eyeshadow from the entire lower part of your eyelid in an upward pattern.
  • Use mascara to adjust your eyelashes.
  • Using a red lip liner, line your lips then apply frostal lip gloss on the inside.
For Eva's pin-up girl look;
  • Use egg shell color eyeshadow to cover the entire eyelid area.
  • Apply electric green eyeshadow on the lower part, up to where your eyelid crease.
  • Apply peach or beige eyeshadow to the middle of the lower portion of your eye i.e, on top of the electric green. Also apply this to the crease.
  • For your lips, use a red lip liner to line your lips before applying your red lipstick. 
  • Apply sub-light lip gloss on top of the lip stick to make it glow.
That's your Eva's gorgeous and sassy red carpet or yellow carpet make up secrets.


Anonymous said...

wow,this is perfect,better than most of what i can get on other websites.thanks,cheesom

Cheesom Nzenaguora said...

you are welcome dear...anyfin to make you look sassy...*winks*