Monday, 10 June 2013


There is an ongoing protest in The University of Lagos caused by the high prices and increment of goods compared to the normal price.According to our source, "we are all students not money making machines. Students should be respected!!"

The students who have been managing the price have decided to riot and go public on their opinions on how much the goods should be sold. The prices are:
pure water- 5 naira
plastic drink- 100 naira
chicken and chips- 300 naira
food- extremely affordable
indomie(super pack)- 50 naira
indomie(hungry man size)- 100 naira
viju chocolate- 120 naira
barbing- 150 naira
printing- 10 naira per page
coloured- 30 naira per page
passport- 150 for 8 copies
internet cafe (1 hour)- 100 naira
biro- 20 naira
This should be the proposed price of goods. Oh, My! I wonder how much theses goods were.

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