Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Can i reverse the curse i placed on a rapist?

For the purpose of confidentiality I will like to be referred to as Grace. While in secondary, ss2, I dated a guy in a Federal polytechnic. We became close but never had sex. I made sure we always saw in the open. Then one day he told me his best friend just got back from UK and was lodged in a hotel. Initially I refused to follow him but I agreed after so many pleads. . We got to the hotel and I waited at the reception. I took a bottle of Malt and I started feeling dizzy. All I knew was that I woke up in the hotel room naked, raped and disvirgined at 18. I was angry and in annoyance I cursed him. I am happily married now and blessed with a kid.  Recently I saw him selling cds in traffic. He couldn’t look me in the eyes. I was even told by my friends that it is so bad for him now, and he practically lives from hand to mouth. I believe it was the curse I placed on him, because he told a friend that since I cursed him his life has never remained the same. Does anyone know if i can reverse the curse?


Alozie Okwara said...

I guess you could just say out loud that you have forgiven him and hold no other grudge towards him. There is power in the tongue so you actually have to say it out loud. Then tell him as well or I guess you can send you friends to tell him if you don't want to meet him. Nonetheless, talk to a Reverend Father or your pastor for details or more insight. Forgiveness is from the heart. If you say it and mean it, he will be forgiven and free to pick up his life from where it is now. Provided your curse is his only impediment.

Amaka said...

i agree with what he said, i guess that would be the best solution