Monday, 30 September 2013

Girl expelled for performing oral sex

[ACTUALLY THIS HAPPENED A WHILE BACK BUT JUST WANNA SHARE IT WITH YOU GUYS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN INFORMED. That girl was a Bowen student. And it was claimed that it was the guy that uploaded the picture. Stupid boy, so what value was the release of the picture going to add to him? The stupid girl, why did she allow such picture to be taken? She has a lot of explanation to give to her parents. A Bowen University student has been expelled for performing an oral sex on another student. Her partner in crime released the picture, it got to the school authority and the girl was expelled. The picture was said to have been stolen from the young man’s phone by his friends and it is being spread all over the internet. Do you believe this is grounds for expulsion?? If you care to see the picture,view below (please, viewer's discretion)

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