Sunday, 29 September 2013

Ladies, here are your best love making moments...

1. …A day before your period
This may sound counter intuitive, but the day you're most likely to experience a mind-bending orgasm is actually the day before you get your period, according to Laurie Watson, a sex therapist and couples counselor in Raleigh, NC, and author of Wanting Sex Again. "When blood accumulation makes your uterus heavy, contractions are more perceptible during orgasm, and your labial and clitoral tissue tends to be more sensitive when you retain fluids,Convince yourself to give sex a shot, even if you're feeling grouchy and uncomfortable, because it may cheer you right up," ....wetin you dey wait for?go try it and tell us the result!.

2.....When you are both not working!

The top time is between Christmas and New Year's Day, when you and your husband are likely out of the office. "When you have no work pressures and are spending many hours with your mate, it's easier to have luxurious, unhurried sex that lasts and lasts,"  "A slow build-up is key. Flirt with your spouse in the morning by whispering in his ear, and then make lots of eye contact with him during meals." ...awwwww but some babes no dey comot eyes from plate till dem demolish the food to zero

3.....Early morning quickie!
  As you've likely noticed, men often wake up with erections, So instead of making him wait all day, set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier on a work day and have a quickie first thing in the morning. You might enjoy it more, too. "As women age, they tend to get more tired at night, so evening sex is less desirable," says Watson. In other words, you have more energy for a crack-of-dawn romp than a late-night

4.....When you have cramps.
If you can get past the ish factor, making love while you're on your period can actually reduce uncomfortable cramps, says Levine. "It may be because an orgasm causes uterine contractions, which ease pain, and your body releases the hormone oxytocin and the neurotransmitter dopamine, which make you feel happy and relaxed." If you can expect sex when Aunt Flo shows, you just may look forward to your time of month!......some men would rather commit suicide than touch you when you are on your monthly ish...bush men!

5....After sports!
Get it on after you've broken a sweat. A study from the University of Florida found that people who exercise without losing fat or gaining strength or endurance feel just as much body confidence as those who get fitter. So even if you don't look different from your workout, you think you do, according to the research. That improved self-esteem could make you freer between the sheets. Maybe you'll even leave the lights on! ...........sadly some women cannot make love when the lights are on 

Being outdoors means you've already left your comfort zone, so you may be more likely to think outside the box. "Plus, sunshine boosts serotonin in the brain, which improves your mood, so you may enjoy yourself more," married couples in Nigeria have sex outside of their bedroom?lol

7......When you are bored!
The longer you've been with your partner, the harder it is to be creative in the bedroom. And missionary style every Saturday night can get a little boring. To mix things up, set an alarm for 3 A.M. and straddle your spouse in the middle of the night, recommends Levine. he won't mind being woken up?. hian!

8......Just before attending an event together!
Why wait until midnight? Fool around before you leave for the event, and you'll be glowing all day.* side eyes*

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who agrees or disagrees with all these times?okay suggest times for the ladies..some women need to get their love making life back on track!--Thank me now!

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