Friday, 11 October 2013

CEO, Aneks apparel Ikenna Anaekwe, one of Nigeria's upcoming designers discloses personal life + Awesome Designs

Meet Ikenna Anaekwe Kingsley, the CEO of Aneks Apparel, and a fast rising Nigerian fashion label. He’s a fashion designer and a stylist. 

The little inspiration Ikenna got was when he was little. As a little boy, he drew a lot. He revealed his Home economics class experience where all the boys in his class were asked to sew a boxer (male underwear). He sewed his own so well that you could actually wear it to the mall.

His fashion label, Aneks apparel started in 2011. When Ikenna graduated from secondary school, he didn’t get into The University immediately. He actually stayed at home for a year. Being that guy that hates idleness, he decided to put the year to a good use, to do something reasonable other than just eating, sleeping and watching movies. He started with customizing t-shirts, he’s way passed that level though. He did this with a friend who dropped out of the business for no concrete reason. He was probably tired.

Ikenna, who is the last child out of six children, is currently in 200 level of the department of business administration at the University of Lagos, Lagos state. He hails from Abagana, Njikoka local government, Anambra state. His hobbies are playing football, hanging out, chilling, thinking, being creative and of course, designing. He hates people that are proud. He feels that there is nothing you have that he doesn’t have, nothing you posses that he can’t obtain. He also dislikes girls that nag, girls that are so sensitive because he’s the kind of person that loves teasing. If you are the kind of person that takes things too personal…oops, he can definitely not roll with you. 

What basically motivated Ikenna to take that bold step and start up Aneks apparel was his dad? His dad sub-consciously implanted this in-dependency in him and Ikenna being a lover of fashion, decided to transfer his first love into something very productive. His mum too, in a way, knows he has this knack for fashion. Sometimes before she heads out for any event, she would come to his room and ask him to pick out what she will wear.

Being in the fashion business, there have been couple of times he has thought of quitting but something happened and he decided to follow this business to the end. He vowed to keep being creative, doing his best, getting cool designs because nobody knows what God has in mind. You just have to keep working till God shows you the light. Finance has also been his basic challenge; he has so much to do but little money. Then there is the struggle to combine schooling and business. 

Ikenna recently got a full column on the most widely read newspaper in Nigeria, Vanguard. He believes that it was God’s divine favor that got him there. He was contacted by one of his female friends who works in Vanguard newspaper and also got a column for that week. She approached him, explained everything to him and he agreed to it. When his story came out, he was very grateful as he didn’t expect it to come out the way it did; it was very cool. 

Hmm… coming to Ikenna’s relationship, he’s very single. His ex girlfriend broke up with him two months ago. So he’s searching too. He would love to be in a relationship with someone that has everything he wants in a girl. He also doesn’t want to rush into a relationship that’s not comfortable.

Fashion to Ikenna is a way of life. He believes everybody is involved in fashion whether it’s beautiful, terrible, classy, slutty, even a mad man who goes nude posses that as his own fashion. You dress how you want to be addressed.

Ikenna desires to reach that level where clothes and accessories will get to have his name on it. He’s almost there as most of his shirts are made by him. Though, he still gets his shoes and trousers from the boutique.

Ikenna has plans to make his clothing line, Aneks apparel big as he hopes to be involved in a couple of major events. Whenever or wherever you see any fantastic clothing or accessories that have ‘Aneks’ on it, know that it’s his, Ikenna Anaekwe’s designs… I got to tell you this; WATCH OUT for him… wouldn’t want to say “I told you so”

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