Sunday, 13 October 2013

I never really believed in meeting someone online and actually having feelings for them- CB reader, Olivia tells Crystals

                Olivia is a CB reader and she decided to share her fantastic and romantic relationship with me. Read and write me your opinions... Continue the story after the cut...*cute boyfriend tho...

Ok, it was on BBM, his birthday, a friend put up his picture and it caught my eye. For the very first time I actually noticed a guy on anyone's DP. Anyways I told my friend to wish him a happy birthday and after that day I forgot all about it. Weeks later he added me up and I was super excited*didn’t tell him o*we just had normal chats and all .we were just friends for five months. Then one day we were talking about getting married...playfully I said we should get married and he agreed. And that’s how we started dating awaiting our marriage.

Muti is a student. Final year pharmacy student. He is not like most people I have met. He's almost weird in a good way though He won’t ever want to do what every other person does.To describe Muti, i'll use just one word...Narcissist. He’s one of those people whose feelings are deep down, so you are going to dig deep to get to it. He can be really sweet, caring, and nice and all but you will have to work for it. It’s pretty annoying working to be shown all that emotion. Initially it was frustrating but as time went on, he kept telling me that you have to work for what you want more like you have to deserve his emotions to get it. On the contrary am such a baby so it was hard to adjust and truthfully am growing up don’t know if working for his emotions sounds weird but I am loving it or maybe am loving him!
I don’t really think we fight. Sometimes we just see things from different perspectives. Our moments of disagreement are torture because we don’t get to talk as often Well the marriage is why we are in the relationship in the first place; like that was the we are courting in a way.
*cuts in* I asked her this question, 'what if you caught him cheating. What will you do?'

If I caught him cheating...well he would never do that He always tells me that whenever he starts having feelings for another he will be gone. Cheesom, please don’t also forget to tell him I love him so much.


Uzi said...

My dear, don't be so sure ur guy won't cheat on you..

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Love this! So sweet! :D