Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Should i leave my boyfriend because my pastor asked me to?

I'm in a relationship with a man that I love so much and vice versa. This man does everything and anything you can think of for me. We both make each other happy. Since the day me and this guy started dating I knew what happiness was, he tells me all sorts about how he’s happy that am in his life and that he wants us to spend the rest of our lives together etc.

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Basically we have a healthy relationship. Which I thank God. But here is the problem, I'm sure as Nigerians we all or let me say some of us go to all these pastors, like baba and mama Aladura once in a while for prayers and all.

So there's this man he is very good asin it's not about money or anything o cause there are some actually good pastors or whatever U want to call them that are good in prayers and all. I have known this baba Aladura for a very long time since I was small.

So recently a couple of months back I told this man that he should pray for me which he did and told me some stuff part of the things he said to me was that there is a man that I'm seeing that I should stop dating the guy that his not good for me that he saw that this guy would get me pregnant and just leave me?! Like I was so numb when the man was saying all that, I was confused.

3months later me and this guy we still have a healthy relationship. I pray each day that God should touch my boyfriend’s heart, and not make such thing happen about what the pastor said. I just need advice on what to do cause this man is all I have, he is my happiness and all.

Please if you were in my situation what would you do? Should I just keep praying to God and tell the pastor to also join me so such wouldn't happen? God forgive me or is the pastor lying? But why should he lie? Or Should I leave my bf? Obviously that I wouldn't do. SOS! Advice please!!!


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Anonymous said...

Heheheehe,don't o,if not u'll find urself dating ur pastor

ose said...

She should just better focus on her relationship with her boyfriend and tell the pastor to keep praying for them. No beef intended

chuks okonkwo said...

Well, if u say u believe dis aladura a advice is that; u should stop having unprotected sex cox thats wat can only get u pregnant and also u could playfully ask ur guy like say: bae what'll happen if I get pregnant? Listen to his reply buh ask him wen u both are in a happy mood; so u can get an honest response. If his reply is in d affirmitive; then dat shud ease tension.....if its in the negative or quite sketchy; den u'v to resort to prayer cox maybe the aladura might be right.

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